Start Earn Money Online with Earn Money System!

Start Earn Money Online with Earn Money System!

Are you wondering what is this Earn Money System? In this article, I will give you a quick overview of what Earn Money System is and how you can make profit from that.

What is Earn Money System?

Earn Money System is a PTC website. PTC stands for Pay To Click. Basically, those sites act as middlemen between advertisers and also the members of our website. Advertisers are seeking for unique traffic from Sri Lanka to their web sites. So they are paying us to show their advertisements to our members. We are paying the members who are visiting those websites.

Is it FREE?

Yes, It’s FREE, that’s why (along with our simple use) we supply the best platform to earn online. Anyone will begin earning with us as long as he or she has a computer or laptop and internet connection.

What are the rules of Earn Money System?

One account per person. You can’t create multiple accounts with a similar ID. Submitting false info is prohibited and you can’t transfer your account to a different person. Also, just one account per IP is allowed. You must avoid work in from publically accessible spots (libraries, web cafes, etc.). Finally, use of a VPN is strictly prohibited.

Do not use automatic software system for clicking. We are very strict about this matter and we will ban your account if you violate this rule.

Advertising. Earn Money System has some strict rules regarding the content that you can advertise. Those restrictions can found in our TOS

Inactivity. As we are mentioned in our TOS your account will be terminated if you are not active for 30 days.

Those rules could seem strict however they’re essential for our website to remain online and pay our members. If you follow those rules in most cases you’ll not have to worry. In any case if your account terminated you must contact admin and we will answer you.

How can I earn money from Earn Money System?

The main supply of financial gain as we’ve got seen before is by clicking ads. And also we have introduced some earning choices:

Downloading apps

Doing sign-ups

Doing surveys

Affiliate income



Inviting Others

Is there an affiliate program?

Of course, there is. In fact, obtaining referrals is the quickest and most stable way to earn. Except for direct referrals (members joined through your affiliate link), you can rent referrals. You need to be careful when renting referrals because it cost you money.

How much will I earn?

That depends on your effort that you put in our site, investment and the number of referrals that you have. You will not get rich but it’s a best way to start making money online.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid through PayPal, EZ-cash, reloads and bank transfers.


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