Earn Money with LankaMarket Affiliate Network!

Earn Money with LankaMarket Affiliate Network!

Earn Money from Sales when You Promote LankaMarket on Your Site!

We introduced a new way to earn money with LankaMarket.lk. That’s an affiliate program. Anyone can earn money with this program. You just need to send peoples to our shop. We pay you for sending your customers to our web site. Affiliate programs like ours don’t need any fees and easy to use, therefore there’s no risk to you.

Our program is free to be a part of, it’s very easy to sign-up and no need any technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the web and give chance to the web site owners to earn money from their websites and blogs. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for our websites and web site owners receive a commission payment for that. Log in and check each day to check your sales, traffic, and commission balance.

How is it working?

When you register with our affiliate program, you’ll be provided with an affiliate link. then you’ll be able to use it on your web site, blog or in your emails. once a user clicks on your links, they’re going to our web site and their activity is tracked by our affiliate code. you’ll earn a commission if they purchase a product from our store.


You may NOT earn affiliate commissions by following ways: sales earned through PPC advertising or coupon/discount style sites. We have the right to decide if a commission should pay or not if any affiliates found breaking our terms and conditions.

Earn Money with Your Website, Blog or Email Newsletter

Earning cash as an affiliate is very easy. Simply place an image and put your referral link to it or put your referral link to a text.
You need to put it where your customers and friends can see it and you’ll earn money once they purchase a product from our website.

Earn Your Commission

Visitors who visit LankaMarket.lk through your link are called as referrals. If purchase a product from our shop, you will earn 10% commission for each sale.

Payout Requirements

Rs.1,000 Minimum balance needed for payout.

Payout Duration

We make the payment on the last day of each month. That has aged 20 days.

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