3 Mistakes That Every Job Seekers Do

3 Mistakes That Every Job Seekers Do

When searching for a job, there are some mistakes that you should avoid. Never address “Sir or Madam” in your cover letter and never goto a company without searching about that company.

You think that’s all?

If you even did those things sometimes your effort will not success.

Here are 3 major mistakes that every job seekers do.

Mistake #1: Stopping the process.

Every job seekers are dreaming a job that they love. then they search that job everywhere. Once they found the perfect job they apply to it and waiting for days till they accept.

Sometimes they will call to you for an interview. Other times you wouldn’t even hear from there. then you are giving up on that.

That means your strategy is wrong. sometimes your friend will receive multiple job offers, but you wouldn’t with your strategy.


It will be work if you choose nuber of ideal job listings with our website, then apply to them all. This will reduce the time of unemployment.

Mistake #2: Apply Fast

If there is a job offer that job seekers more excited about they want to apply to it fast as possible. They will quickly glance over the resume and cover letter and hit the send button. They will thing the quicker the hiring manager receive the resume in his hand the sooner he will call.

But after reviewing the resume and cover letter the job seekers realize that they left some things that not relevent to that job and they failed to add some main points in there cv and cover letter.


It’s better to spend few days to make your cv and cover letter and don’t rush. It do not need to be the first email in hiring manager’s email.

Mistake #3: Taking Recruiter’s Options

Sometimes job seekers are applied for a different position than that they actually receiving. Job seekers thing it’s better than no job. Finally you will realize that’s not the job that you wanted.

Recruiter’s are trying to fill positions with qualified candidates. They will not think about your feelings.


If you are a flexible one it’s a great thing. but when comes to choosing the job that you dreamed, first trust your instincts.
Don’t forget to ask the right questings and take your time to evaluate that before making any decision.

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