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Price : Rs351,151.00 (Negotiable)
Date : December 3, 2020
Type : Other Hobby, Sport & Kids Items
Location : 14 Dharmarama Road, Wellawatha

VIO- TIGATI’s special paddle drive Kayak also known as zero Kayak is now available on TIGATI’s stores website and other dealers sale points which is widely available across the world. The main feature of this TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is the optimization made on it or fishing. This TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is made up of imported premium quality LLDPE material which is a type of environmental friendly plastic material which is internationally recommended for building sea crafts and another feature of this material is the longer life span, light weight and extreme strong and rigidity nature of it. This TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is manufactured under the special EU standard and also it withstand with international standard requirements by the professional bodies of this field.

This TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is available on different lengths from 3.1m to 4m and the maximum weight capacity is 200kg other than the material dead load of the vessel and which includes a maximum user weight that is the live load of 150kg and in altogether the boat weighs 44kg out of which 36kg is the hull weight and usually a healthy single human being of 75kg weight and a length around 5.5ft can easily bare and move with this 44kg paddling Kayak system which doesn’t mean that others can’t handle, others also can handle but with some little effort. Also this TIGATI VIO Paddling Kayak can be transported easily with your cars and SUVs with the aid of a mounting accessory.

The premium branded TIGATI VIO – zero Kayak is made up of LLDPE as already said above but another special processing was done to this TIGATI VIO Zero Kayak on the stage of manufacturing that is it has been already undergone a 8degree UV resistance processing. The UV rays (Ultra Violet Rays) emits from the sun in along with sunlight is the main factor for the fading of external paint coats. And as far as if any product has been used in exposed sunlight for a long time it will fade and most of us have already experienced this scenario in our life but it’s an old story, because in the case of TIGATI VIO zero Kayak model it is coated with the ample UV resistance coating.

As we already said above that another feature of this Kayak is optimized fishing feature. This boat itself has a holder for mounting fish finder and another transducer mount is also available to position the fish finder. Moreover this TIGATI VIO fishing Kayak is designed for an easy sail with paddle drive with flexible fins and premium quality aluminum frame fishing chair is also rigidly mounted on this Kayak which can helps you for a comfortable sail in fitting position and the rudder system is also optimized here in this TIGATI VIO model. The control of the rudder system is centralized near the sailor’s seat and the whole boat can be operated from the single place and pedal drive lock is also available here with a space seal and 3 number of water proof seal hatch is also available on this Kayak itself and the rear part of this boat is also optimized for storage use and a bungee is also available to act as a lid to store the materials.

And another special feature available on this TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is the electric trolling motor which is available for easy fishing with little human effort and optionally a spill free drink career holder is also mounted on this special TIGATI VIO zero Kayak to quench your thirst on the middle of the water.

And this TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is designed with obeying the standards recommended by the TIGATI’s engineers in accordance with efficient hydrodynamic standards. That is the TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is designed in streamline shape like a fish so that the Kinetic energy produced by the sailor by means of paddling will be efficiently utilized to drive this vessel without any inconvenience. This became possible as the streamline structure makes the friction with water lesser and makes this Kayak to tear the water and drive faster than most of the similar Kayaks on the market.

Moreover TIGATI VIO premium model zero Kayak can be purchased on TIGATI website, stores and its local dealers available across the globe in along with a additional necessary and optional fishing accessories, also this TIGATI VIO zero Kayak is itself designed to fit the accessories from third party manufacturers provided that those accessories are manufactured to the international size and standards so that the buying cost of the same accessory can be eliminated if you or your grandfather had the same already.

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