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Rs11,088,966.00 (Negotiable)

Price : Rs11,088,966.00 (Negotiable)
Date : December 3, 2020
Type : Other Hobby, Sport & Kids Items
Location : 14 Dharmarama Road, Wellawatha
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The HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is one of the most recent revolutionary pride product of TIGATI to fulfill the desires of next generation sailors by providing extreme quality standards and next generation features. The special feature of this TIGATI WAVE FLYER sailing craft is the aluminium hydro hull design, the hull of this TIGATI WAVE FLYER is made up of light weight strong corrosion free aluminium metal sheet and in along with the several 1000kn`s of force over it in the process of manufacturing, eventually the aluminium sheets were made to liquid alike state of nature with the help of the applied pressure over it and made into the desired hull shape with complex designs to incorporate the streamline hydro dynamic standards.

And this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is well engineered to fulfill the features and performance in terms of reverse chines, strakes and dynamic angle of Deadrise and this TIGATI WAVE FLYER will suits for the optimized racing and stunt needs also. The unibody conceptual design of this TIGATI WAVE FLYER has made this more stronger and rigid with light weight, the unibody conceptual design is the design that used in construction of a vehicle or a craft with single chassis to body structure, the arc and hexagonal engineering design of the frame structure has made it possible. Another special mode of manufacturing used in the manufacturing process of this aluminium hull is the folding technology of metals. A heavy ton of hydraulic pressure was used to fold the single sheet of aluminium to make the hull surface with little need of welding procedure which eventually made the hull to resist any collision without getting damage as the welded areas are the most vulnerable surfaces to be get damaged.

 Benefits Of Streamline Design

TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is a well optimized streamline designed boat to perform with maximum energy efficiency by diminishing the wastage of kinetic energy in terms of friction with both the submerged aqua medium and the floating air medium. The boat itself has similar streamlines of the fish to do the above said feature.

Optimized For Racing and Sports In Along With Family Trips

TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is one of the extreme product from TIGATI to fulfill the racing needs. This boat is capable enough to perform in various type of aquatic environment with maximum efficiency. The TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is designed in a manner to consistently perform well in a wide range of water density. In along with the streamline design another special design feature is the ‘V’ shaped bottom to tear and run through the water with less energy wastage due to apparently opposite water current and the friction between the water and the craft’s surface.

Meanwhile Bow-to-aft reverse chines and the dual planing (taking off) strakes designs in the hull of the TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER make the boat to do the famous aquatic stunts with maximum self balance and stability, especially the air craft similar take off stunts can be easily done with this WAVE FLYER from TIGATI. At the instant of taking off the bow end the surface in contact with water will get reduced and in the meantime the boat’s design will automatically perform itself as like a aerodynamic friendly air craft similar body and will make the boat to win the championship with a considerable lead with the next competitor behind that is why this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is one and only best ever choice of the next generation sailors as it is the best companion to bring pride among other sailors. Meanwhile the axe shape forefoot and the king size deadrise ensures this boat with a smooth ride with better tracking with the aquatic surface in normal mode. Even the boat riders who professionally do aquatic sporting will have an extreme experience of losing control when turning the boat particularly at higher velocity and usually in this instants normal boats get imbalanced and do a sideward somersault or even get collided with the shore or with co competitors boats. The reverse chines and strakes on this TIGATI WAVE FLYER acts like the friction lines on tires and gives a superior grip when turning higher velocity. Moreover even if the boat get collided with anything the possibility of get crack in the boat is very less as the welded surfaces are low compared to other crafts, and this was made possible only by the special mode of manufacturing which is well explained in the first paragraph.

Moreover this ultra stylish and feasible HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER from TIGATI is not only manufactured to fulfill the sporting needs but also the boat is capable enough to fulfill your family boating desires. The vessel shall be additionally customized further to fulfill the ultimate seasonal need of the consumer. Specially this sporting boat shall also be customized to perform well with fishing need also. Not only the boat is capable to serve the consumers with their own needs separately but also in collaboration the boat shall be used for multipurpose without much alteration as the basic key design itself is ample enough to fulfill the boating needs. Mainly for fulfilling the luxury unforgettable distinct sailing experience with your family the boat is also well optimized with a low profile wind screen which is capable enough to provide the ample shelter inside the boat for each and every individual in the vessel. Moreover the boat has two skipper chairs in the cockpit front and a foldable bench at the rear aft area, and the middle shall be left for providing a living space to enjoy the picnic with the members.

Ultra Strength Hull Design

The hull of the boat itself in along with bottom plate, side plates, grid stiffeners, bonnet, transom platform are being manufactured with premium quality imported 5083 high strength aluminium alloy of 3mm thickness, the forefoot , transom and the keel are also manufactured with same premium quality similar 5083 aluminium alloy of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm thickness respectively. Usually in terms of the strength of aluminium alloy used when comparing with market saturated 5052 and our 5083 type premium quality high strength aluminium alloy used in the manufacture of above said portions, the 5083 type aluminium alloys are capable enough to provide more than 50% more higher tensile strength and the yield strength so that you can blindly trust this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER without any hesitance and the boat itself is being manufactured with unibody building technology which has stronger and longer lifespan, also the interior frames are designed and interconnected to transform the thrust and the tension evenly all over by following up the arc and honeycomb hexagonal architectural engineering designs.

The overall length of this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is around 5m (4.98m) and the height of this mid ship around 1m which is ample enough to provide sufficient living space inside the vessel and in terms of load 750kg shall be loaded with maximum 5 number of people can travel on this boat comfortably, the dry weight of this boat is just 396kg and the boat can support up to a maximum of 90hp outboard motor to fulfill your racing needs and the boat is facilitated with a under floor hidden fuel tank of 60l capacity with 2 chambers and 2 vents to make your explorations far beyond the shore.

This TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER craft is factory manufactured with basic flotation which helps the boat to continue to float even if the boat got fully or partially water laden. So that you don’t have to worry that your boat will get sunk. Moreover the level of flotation shall be upgraded as per consumer request, a special foam arrangement will be used to upgrade the level of flotation successfully.

Moreover this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is provided with 2 different types of floors, one is the premium quality marine grade plywood which is covered by marine grade carpet for a luxury finishing and royal environment inside and the second one is the aluminium floor which is constructed with 3mm thick aluminium checker plates with precious art of reverting and the spaces are carefully sealed with marine grade structure glue.

As we mentioned already above aluminium 5083 alloys are the best in terms of quality standards and that premium quality material is used to construct the console panel with all centralized switch control mechanisms. Moreover the panel is covered with a windscreen made up of anti scratch polycarbonate material for prolonged usage.

The main another feature loved by the users of this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is the seat choices and their hidden facilities inside. The boat itself has the single seats of 4 different models, one is the classic design CM500 model foldable seat with extra sponge for prolonged comfortable seating experience and a mini hydraulic pump is also there to adjust the height of it and the other one is the deluxe edition CM520 skipper seats which has a flip up fore-seat for instant height adjustment in any condition in along with pneumatic lifting technology. Also the boat has storage seat which is also facilitated with comfortable luxury cushions and a hidden storage compartment below the seat to transport your goods and accessories safely. Moreover this deluxe storage seats have adjustable swing back support to provide you a comfortable seating environment. In addition foldable and portable BN160 benches are also provided to serve your seasonal needs by optimizing the living space efficiently. Also this boat has optional tackle box seat space which can be mounted with both the CM500, CM520 model seats where you can perfectly hold your lures, jigs and other similar accessories. In addition the front platform is also designed with underneath storage space covered by carpeted plywood or the checker plate aluminium casting to store your things in a safe and organized manner.

Moreover this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER is facilitated with features and accessories to fulfill the perfect fishing needs. An 80l capacity bait tank is provided with this boat, the specialty of this bait tank is the optimization made inside. The internal corners of this tank are smooth with curve to ensure more lifespan for the bait fishes inside as they continue to hit the corners with their nose and reduce their own lifespan. And two types of bait boards are also available with this vessel, one is the light weight foldable plastic bait board which can fit to any rod holders without additional tools or support and the next one is the optimized bait board made up of metallic alloy which is heavy duty in nature and can fit any heavy duty alloy rod holders. In addition the centralized console is connected with an electric pump to manage the water inside and as well as the tank has an anti scratch reinforced polycarbonate glass top to monitor the baits inside. In addition an optimized fishing chair is also available (CM400) which is height adjustable and with 360 degree rotating ability to fulfill your fishing needs.

In addition this TIGATI HYDRO HULL WAVE FLYER has an additional anchor locker hidden storage in the cockpit area to hold an anchor of maximum 10lb and their ropes. Moreover an oval table with 4 drink holders is also attached with this boat. Additionally a BIMINI top shall also be connected to safeguard you the sailor or passenger from the effects of overhead weather conditions.

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14 Dharmarama Road, Wellawatha
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